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In Nanotech Planet | 03 Dec 09:44 | 90 views
Starpharma; A Rising Nano Star, part 2
Darryl Nelson Local company Starpharma is building a strategic IP portfolio for the use of dendrimers in a range of nano-applications, including protection against HIV.

In Nanotech Planet | 28 Nov 10:49 | 364 views
Starpharma: A Rising Nano Star
Darryl Nelson Australian dendrimer nanotechnology start-up is gathering pace towards its first commercialised application.

In Nanotech Planet | 11 Nov 09:46 | 721 views | 1 comments
Nano Start-up Senses Greener Pastures
Darryl Nelson Australian nanotechnology venture QPI, is facing re-locating abroad in order to get financed.

In Nanotech Planet | 13 Oct 12:50 | 1519 views | 3 comments
ANNN to build Nano House
Darryl Nelson A new house will be built using nano-engineered materials, in order to showcase Australian developments and raise public awareness

In Nanotech Planet | 02 Sep 04:54 | 1020 views
pSivida: James Bond Biotech
Darryl Nelson Locally listed biotech VC hopes to commercialise UK research into porous silicon.

In Nanotech Planet | 27 Aug 05:26 | 1002 views
Australia To Get Nanotechnology Association
Darryl Nelson At what will be Australia's first national nanotechnology conference next month, the Government will unveil its first coordinating body for nanotech efforts.

In Nanotech Planet | 20 Aug 12:04 | 922 views
Silicon Nanocrystals Excite Telecoms, Part 2
Darryl Nelson The ANU's silicon nanocrystal research has joined the EU's 6th Framework programme and is pitching for new funding in Australia.

In Nanotech Planet | 13 Aug 11:16 | 1070 views
Silicon Nanocrystals Excite Telecoms, Part 1
Darryl Nelson Nano-engineered silicon is boosting the performance of conventional telecoms amplifiers, and has attracted the Photonics CRC's interest.

In Nanotech Planet | 30 Jul 11:38 | 1103 views
The ANU is Getting Quantum Dotty
Darryl Nelson Nanotechnology research at the Australian National University reaches into many realms, including the dotty world of photonics.

In Nanotech Planet | 17 Jul 10:03 | 1614 views
ANU Mills for Nanotube Funding
Darryl Nelson The ANU in Canberra has developed a process for high-yield of nanotubes, but requires more funding to scale up production.

In Nanotech Planet | 03 Jul 11:01 | 2345 views
A Battery's Best Friend
Darryl Nelson Local capacitor company, Cap-XX, is nano-engineering its way towards global leadership.

In Nanotech Planet | 28 Jun 02:27 | 2690 views
Samsung Scales Towards the Nanometre: Part 2
Darryl Nelson Samsung's work on carbon nanotubes is progressing, and new display monitors could be around the corner.

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