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  J O I N   A U S T R A L I A ' S   N E W   E C O N O M Y   N E T W O R K               

australia.internet.com, Australia's leading technology and business network is proud to offer you its new exclusive membership program. It represents everything we've learnt about meeting the most demanding needs of our community, and is your passport to a world of personal access, compelling events, and insightful information.

Individual Memberships (1 Year Subscription) begin at $150. Corporate memberships are also available.

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  M E M B E R   B E N E F I T S               

Express Entry To BreakfastForums

With nearly 500 hundred people registering each month, BreakfastForums has become the definitive event for Australian technology executives. As an australia.internet.com member card holder, you will attain a guaranteed place reserved for you at each breakfastforum, without prior registration - express lane entry - private briefings and introductions to speakers prior to the event

Valuable Discounts

Each quarter australia.internet.com stages industry conferences based on our extensive editorial resources. Members will be entitled to priority registration and a minimum 10% discount on the ticket price on all paid events.



Overview | Testimonials | Corporate Membership | Member Policy | Application Form



BreakfastForums - Sydney


"I've been using the web for six years, and I've never read a column that comprehends the net the way you guys do." - Ryan Castle, Xlon


Strategic E-Marketer - Sydney


"...definitely the best conference I've been to in a long while." - John Butterworth, MD, 24/7 Media Technologies/Sabela


Strategic E-Marketer - Sydney