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In Knowledge Workers | 30 Jan 09:10 | 162 views
ZDNet Tech Update Staff For Sale
Michael Singer After being let go by CNET, Lee Schlesinger and the former editorial staff try to put themselves up for bid on eBay.

In Knowledge Workers | 25 Apr 11:04 | 3780 views
How To Respond To a Head-hunter
Bill Bennett Generally speaking you aren't likely to get headhunted unless you are already near the top of the employment tree. Here are some tips on how to react.

In Knowledge Workers | 15 Apr 12:40 | 3744 views
Hang On To Your Head When The Head-hunter Calls
Bill Bennett If you have a marketable skill and a decent reputation then there's a good chance that one of these days you'll be approached by a headhunter. It's not always good news...

In Knowledge Workers | 07 Apr 09:07 | 5056 views | 6 comments
Will You Still Need Me When I'm 64?
Bill Bennett Despite age prejudice on the part of some employers the knowledge workforce is getting older. While there might not be many formal jobs, those who wish can expect to find gainful employment for many years to come. Here's why.

In Knowledge Workers | 02 Apr 06:27 | 3055 views
Lifetime Piling Up
Bill Bennett People who started their working lives in the 1950s, the average work life expectancy was around 100,000 hours. Many people in today's workforce can expect to put in considerably fewer hours, but not Knowlege Workers.

In Knowledge Workers | 25 Mar 04:13 | 4914 views | 18 comments
Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die
Bill Bennett Cruel, unpleasant, shortsighted, wasteful and stupid are just some of the words that can be used to describe the attitude of many employers towards hiring older knowledge workers.

In Knowledge Workers | 19 Mar 05:22 | 5086 views | 1 comments
Change Management: Motivation
Bill Bennett Keeping staff motivated when a company goes through a major business change is one of the most challenging tasks you will ever face. Dealing with uncertainty is far from easy.

In Knowledge Workers | 12 Mar 10:44 | 3775 views
Light At The End of The Employment Tunnel?
Bill Bennett As anyone who has ever watched Wylie E Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner will know, all to often what appears to be light at the end of the tunnel is in fact a speeding locomotive heading in the opposite direction. So what is this?

In Knowledge Workers | 03 Mar 02:36 | 5953 views | 3 comments
Employment Bright Spots: The Call Centre Industry
Bill Bennett Australia's call centre industry is worth around $2 billion a year and, depending on which figures you accept, employs anywhere up 240,000 people in more than 4,000 call centres. New Zealand's industry is roughly a quarter the size. Will you be assimilated?

In Knowledge Workers | 26 Feb 03:23 | 6340 views | 1 comments
Managing Change: Keeping a Lid on Staff Worries
Bill Bennett If you've ever looked down from a passenger window on a mountain pass and found you can't actually see the edge of the road, you'll have a good idea of what change feels like from the average employee's point of view.

In Knowledge Workers | 17 Feb 11:15 | 4580 views | 1 comments
Perspectives of Change
Bill Bennett The bottom line with any change is that the way people react depends on their role in the process. Change is liberating, exciting, challenging and positive when you are doing the changing. It's threatening, scary, depressing and largely negative when you are on the receiving end of change.

In Knowledge Workers | 11 Feb 06:38 | 5009 views
Managing Change
Bill Bennett Change management skills and experience remain 'must have' qualities for many senior appointments. If you want to progress to the top, you'll need to put a tick against this box.

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