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1. In Industry News | 11 Sep 05:22 2002
No Longer A Lonely Planet
Craig Liddell Aussie intranet recognised globally, but what makes it tick?

2. In Industry News | 26 Jul 06:34 2002
Enterprise Instant Messaging? Trillian Pro Coming
Ryan Naraine Leaked versions of Trillian Pro 1.0 hint that the popular cross-network IM client will launch as a premium product for the enterprise market.

3. In 802.11 Planet | 18 Dec 04:57 2002
US Military vs. Wi-Fi?
Eric Griffith The Department of Defense is reportedly moving to get technical limits set on the use of unlicensed radio spectrum due to reasons of national security -- they say use of some radio bands interferes with military radar. The Wi-Fi Alliance says this is old news that won't impact the current market.

4. In 802.11 Planet | 05 Dec 10:49 2002 | 1 comments
TV Antenna A Savior For Rural Broadband
Craig Liddell The recent broadband inquiry calls for more projects providing wireless last mile access in rural and regional areas using unallocated TV channels.

5. In 802.11 Planet | 05 Sep 02:04 2002 | 4 comments
3G: Wifi's New Clothes
Craig Liddell A New Zealand startup believes that 802.11 is a worthy 3G competitor.

6. In Industry News | 03 Sep 03:20 2002 | 5 comments
Fast Porn
Craig Liddell Alston lambasted over porn comments in relation to South Korean broadband, but was he just stating the obvious?

7. In Industry News | 25 Jul 03:49 2002
Sex, Web and Cash Flow
Niki Scevak Rivers of pink gold keep flowing from Adultshop's acquisition of Today's Success Pty Ltd.

8. In 802.11 Planet | 17 Sep 09:40 2002 | 23 comments
Something Big in the Air
Todd Woody Sydney startup gets ready to launch a wireless last-mile alternative to Telstra.

9. In Industry News | 01 Oct 08:44 2002
WiFi's Tango With 3G
Craig Liddell Millions were spent on 3G spectrum for next-generation mobile services. But does WiFi spoil those plans?

10. In Nanotech Planet | 28 Jun 02:27 2002
Samsung Scales Towards the Nanometre: Part 2
Darryl Nelson Samsung's work on carbon nanotubes is progressing, and new display monitors could be around the corner.

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